Sanctuary Great Babies

Great Babies Rescue Sponsorship Program 

Lots of people say they would like to help, but they can’t adopt an animal right now. Just because you can’t adopt, doesn’t mean you can’t help! Consider being a monthly Great Babies sponsor. We rely on US and YOU to make it all happen here at our rescue . If you are not able to make a monthly commitment to the animals, then please consider a one-time gift. Every gift saves lives.


Monthly Sponsorship Programs

Our monthly sponsorship program allows exceptional animal lovers, like you, to do more to help us rescue, rehabilitate and find forever homes for the hundreds of deserving animals we save each year.

This steady stream of income funds our everyday costs: food, medical supplies and treatments, safe and comfortable habitats for the animals and the love and care they receive from our staff and volunteers. Our Monthly Sponsors enjoy an easy way to budget their giving while making a huge impact on our ability to save even more animals from the life threatening situations they face.



Monthly Sponsorship – $25.00
Your monthly sponsorship of $25 will help us to vaccinate, microchip, and deworm a recently rescued animal!


Monthly Sponsorship – $35.00
Your monthly sponsorship of $35 will help us spay or neuter one of our furry critters!

Portrait of Miniature Pinschers and Beagle puppy sitting in fron



Monthly Sponsorship – $50.00
Senior animals and those with special needs require medications and care beyond the normal annual food and veterinary care budget. Your sponsorship of $50 a month will help us to continue to make their lives peaceful and pain free.


Monthly Sponsorship – $100.00
Do you have the ability to make a bigger impact? Your monthly sponsorship of $100 will give us the ability to conduct more rescues, further advocate for these deserving animals, and spread the message of our no-kill philosophy. 

Palomino Shetland pony, Equus caballus, 3 years old, and Australian Shepherd puppy, 4 months old, in front of white background