What a crazy 3 weeks Mommas and Babies Update

Allie gave birth on August 17th to 11 babies She had a set of Tiny twins and her little boy Henry was stillborn His little sister Lois fought hard but was just too small to overcome and left to go join her brother She had another very small baby that just wasn’t strong enough to survive and he went home to the Lord as well Leaving this girl with 8 happy babies who this morning had there first mush. And as you can guess sponge bath This girl is a wonderful young Momma who is going to be the love of someone’s life Allie and her babies will all be looking for there forever homes I have started taking applications on this family which consist of 5 boys and 3 girls all Black and white Momma is a sweet girl who is still on the shy side but want lots of love and is eager to please.

Momma number 2, is Little Ella This girl gave birth to her babies on August 22 Little El gave birth to 8 beautiful little boys one of her little guys was born with some birth defects he could not overcome and Little Jay sadly crossed the rainbow bridge This beautiful fawn girl and her handsome family will be looking for forever home We are currently taking applications on this family as well If you are looking for a handsome fawn man to add to your family I’d get that application in These are going to be some big boys
And last but certainly not least is Momma number 3, Miss Maggie who gave birth on Sept 7th and her little hide away on the 8th This shy Black girl gave birth to 7 wonderful babies Sadly the tiny little girl was born with a very weak heart and we just were not able to get her strong enough and we lost her just hours after her birth Little Mae is now home with the lord Maggie has 6 babies 2 Fawn Girls 1 Fawn boy 2 black girls and 1 black boy These babies are still very new and some are small and conditions are guarded But i am praying that we are thru with the losses an I honestly don’t no how much more my heart will take This girl and her babies as well will be up for adoption

Please consider Sponsoring one of these young mommas or a baby There is no amount is to small to help and donations can be made by:21414795_822617477904793_4053984589126972249_o 21414984_822616977904843_879369789049654646_o 21415013_822616687904872_3711856859607001243_o 21457312_822616351238239_6108012034591260600_o 21457419_822616487904892_3521910629019498701_o 21544082_822617154571492_5775614973077126701_o 21544185_822616574571550_7258654522767199847_o


Adoption pre home paperwork can be found on our website

We are also looking for donations of old Blankets, Towels ,Laundry soap, Bleach and Puppy Formula ,Puppy shots , Panacur wormer, Nexgaurd, Heart Gaurd Plus

Thank you
From us and all the fur kids at Great Babies Rescue

Great Babies Rescue
2586 South County Road 225 West
Paoli,Indiana 47454

Email: greatbabiesrescue@yahoo. com
Phone: 812-653-1985

A Big Thank You!

We want to say a big Thank you to Heather O’Leary, Adam Goodwill, and Layla For taking Xena and running our adoption and awareness event today, so we can be in Alabama picking up 9 more Danes from the Puppy Mill.

We are so blessed for the Amazing adopters, who have not just adopted, but have became a hands on part of Great Babies Rescue!!



October 24, 2016

We are heading back from Alabama. We were able to pick up more of the Puppy Mill Danes and we have networked another 16 dogs that will be placed into other rescues (including 3 pregnant mommas).

Feeling blessed to be a part of saving so many, however wee need you and can’t continue to do this without donations. We will be making another trip to pick up more Danes as soon as we can get the funds together for the trip. Time is not on their side. 

Help with transport is greatly appreciated. It is roughly $500.00 a trip.

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Before & After Pictures

A few before and after shots of the first 5 of the Alabama Dane seizures. They have come a long way in a short time. They were almost completely feral, now children can pet them. We still have a ways to go before they are adoptable though and many more vet bills to pay!

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October 22, 2016

Alabama Babies are doing wonderful we still have a ways to go before they are released by the vet for adoption, but they have come so far in such a short time! We will be leaving in the morning to go pick up some more of these babies. We will update as we get them picked up.
We can only do this with your help. The vetting cost alone on these babies is extremely high. and the cost of the transport and special diets just adds to the bills.

Please help us help these babies and the other others we are picking up. Consider a donation to our organization, all donations are tax deductible

Thank you!

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October 3, 2016

All the babies were seen by Dr Cooper today and we have a treatment plan in place. We are very proud of all the sweet angels, as afraid as they are they did very well All had heart-worm test and I am blessed to say that they are all Heart-worm negative, all tested positive for mange, staph infection, respiratory infection, and all are running fevers.The black baby tested positive for coxcidia. All have started multiple medications and are now being treated accordingly.

If you would like to help in there on going care, we would be blessed for the help that these babies need. They have a long road ahead!

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September 30, 2016

We have picked up The first 5 Danes from Alabama and 4 honorary Danes from the other cases our contact and her wonderful group of volunteers are working on. We can not Thank you all enough for The amazing work you all are doing.
The pictures tell the story of the life these babies have lived. Right now they are scared and confused and very uncertain But you can also see hope and relief in there eyes More updates to come. For those who have asked how you can help us with these and the other babies who will be coming, please donate, these Babies need your help!



Great Babies Rescue is expecting incoming dogs from a puppy mill seizure beginning this week. We will be welcoming 5 new Great Danes into our rescue to start. These dogs battling emaciation, skin issues (possibly mange), flea infestation, some will come with heart-worms, and various other illnesses and injuries.


Please consider a donation to assist us in all we will have in the upcoming days ahead

PayPal address is: greatbabiesrescue@yahoo.com

We are in need of the following items:
Great Dane crates 54″
dog food
cleaning supplies

These can be shipped to: Great Babies Rescue, 2586 south county road 225 west, Paoli, IN 47454

Donations may also be called/sent directly into our vet:
Dr. Brad Cooper (812) 723-2553

Orange County Animial Clinic
* Attn for Great Babies Rescue *
P.O.Box 68
Paoli, IN 47454

We truly appreciate you SHARING of our efforts and help spread the word far and wide so we can continue to save lives, rehabilitate, and re-home these dogs.Thank you for helping Terry & Bryan with all they do. They work so hard day in and day out.

The 12 Dogs of Christmas: Meet Aspen, In Rescue For More Than a Year

It’s the holidays! The time of year for families to gather together to celebrate traditions, share memories, and make new ones. This year, as you surround yourself with family and friends, both two-legged and four-legged alike, remember there are millions of dogs in shelters, patiently waiting for a family of their own.

For some, this won’t be their first, second, or even their third Christmas behind bars.

12dogslogoIt’s our Christmas wish that every dog in rescue would find a home for the holidays, so we’ve selected 12 special dogs from around the country that have been overlooked time and time again. Some are senior dogs, some have special needs, and some are passed over for reasons we simply can’t understand – but, they all deserve to spend the holidays with a family of their own.

We’re calling this the 12 Dogs of Christmas. The Dogington Post along with our friends at Wellness have joined forces to introduce you to 12 needy dogs in hopes that they’ll finally get noticed…and maybe get a home for the holidays!

Meet Aspen!

aspen4Aspen is a 2-and-a-half to 3-year old Great Dane who was rescued from the brink of death by the amazing folks at Great Babies Rescue in Orleans, Indiana more than a year ago.

Great Babies Rescue were contacted by a couple who had recently had a new baby and claimed that their Great Dane, Aspen, had stopped eating as a result. Aspen’s owners sent the rescue photos of a beautiful, healthy merle Great Dane.

But, when volunteers arrived to pick her up, instead of the healthy, happy Dane from the photo, they found Aspen emaciated, barely clinging to life, and partially frozen to the ground outside. Unsure if she would even survive the night, Great Babies stepped up to save this beautiful girl.

aspen2With lots of love, patience, good food, and a warm place to rest her head, Aspen is doing amazingly well today – she just needs a family that will love her and treat her the way she deserves.

Special Considerations:Aspen needs a home that has patience and understanding of where she has come from. Aspen can, understandably, be slow to warm up to new situations. According to Great Babies Rescue, Aspen gets along well with the cats that are on the property as well as most of the other dogs but she is the “Queen of her Castle.” Aspen does best in a home without small children because of their fast unpredictable movements and because she doesn’t know her own size. Aspen can be very rambunctious as she still acts like a puppy.

Aspen, with her best friend, Mermaid.
Aspen, with her best friend, Mermaid.

The Perfect Family For Aspen: Aspen’s perfect Family would be one where she is treated as family and not just a dog.  A home with someone who understands the Great Dane Breed. Aspen does get along well with other dogs when introduced appropriately and has even become quite attached to another rescue at Great Babies, Mermaid.

The absolute perfect home would be one that could give a home to both Aspen and her best friend, Mermaid.

Aspen will soon face her second Christmas without a family.

GreatBabies Rescue doing great things . . . .



Helping hand inspires dog rescue group to reach out Brian and Terry Holzheimer are seen with one of the dogs they and their fellow volunteers at Great Babies Rescue in rural Orleans are working to rehabilitate. (Photo by Miles Flynn) by Miles Flynn

Thu, Jun 06, 2013 When Great Babies Rescue, a dog rescue located just southwest of Orleans, benefitted from a generous donation of pet food, the organization decided to pay it forward. The food, several skids of it, came to Great Babies from the Breeders Assistance Program Breed Rescue, which is part of the Cat Fanciers Food Pantry. The late John Bierre, who had been the chairman of the pantry, had a vision to use a 97,000-pound donation from the Royal Canin pet food company to launch a program nationwide called Cats Helping Dogs. “This is amazing,” said Terry Holzheimer of Great Babies. “I was just blessed that God put us in their path.“ The shipment is a big help to the rescue, which goes through 150 pounds of food per day. However, it’s going to make other positive impacts, too. “Somebody’s helping us, and we’re able to help other people in need in this area,” Terry explained. Going to the Orange County Humane Society was 767 pounds of the food. “It’s a good thing, definitely,” said Manager Nikki Childers. “We run off of donations. If we don’t get donations like these, we would never be able to stay open.” Other beneficiaries included the Boxer Babies rescue in Crawford County, Red Sky Rescue in Scott County and a shelter on Long Island in New York. Even individual local pet owners that could use a helping hand are being encouraged to contact the group for help.

Great Babies can be reached at 502-751-2338 or via email at greatbabiesrescue@yahoo.com . What’s most exciting to Terry is that the food deliveries could become a regular happening. She pointed out that the pantry has indicated it might make quarterly deliveries, as long as there are animals in need. Great Babies Rescue is now home to several dogs that have been rescued from all over the United States. Many are special-needs animals that have severe health problems or were badly abused. The crew at Great Babies works with the dogs for at least six months to help them recover and get them ready to go to good homes. Adoptions are made through an application process. Great care is put into matching dogs with would-be owners by considering factors such as temperament and energy levels. Also to ensure that the animals are ready for their new owners, the Holzheimer family uses a rotating schedule to bring all of the dogs into their home. Although the operation started with great danes and boxers in mind, many other types of dogs have been helped through the years. At one point, the facility was home to more than 30 Boston terriers. “We do what God sends,” Terry explained. “Most of the dogs would be dead if they weren’t here.” Backing up her words, she noted that one of the dogs rescued, a great dane named Serenity, was picked up just 20 minutes before she was due to be euthanized. “Twenty minutes away from dead,” Terry commented. “She is always smiling.” Terry, her husband, Bryan, their family and other volunteers brought Great Babies Rescue to its present location in 2008. “It’s just grown leaps and bounds,” Bryan reported. Donations of money, food and time are what makes it all possible. “We are always looking for volunteers,” Terry shared. One of the people who lends a hand at the facility is Dee Endicott, who explained that she was put in touch with Great Babies by Dr. Brad Cooper following the death of her own beloved boxer. She’s been helping out ever since. With help, Terry wants the facility to grow even more on the eight-acre site and evolve into a full-fledged sanctuary. “I couldn’t imagine not doing it,” she said of the rescue.

“They’re my family; they just have four legs.