Adoption Process

Great Babies Rescue takes the adoption process quite seriously and it is not done overnight. We pride ourselves as not only adopting out our dogs, but also adopting in families. We have an application and a contract that needs to be completed in order to begin the process. The application allows us to check references, perform background checks and gives us more information about the family’s history. The contract is something most rescues do not do. It is a binding agreement between us and the adopter that provides certain guidelines that must be followed with our animals. For example, if a puppy is adopted, the new owners are given a time frame to have the pet altered and are required to send us documentation. No dog is adopted out without a home check being done by one of our volunteers. Inspecting the environment provides us with the positive assurance for adopting out the dog. We do believe that taking our time to assess every single adoption is key to our success in rehoming these animals. We are not looking to put adopters, animals, or ourselves in a position to fail. These are animals that have already been failed in life, and we will not be a part of repeating their past. We strive to give each dog the very best they deserve. Once the adoption has happened, we don’t let go there! We continue to foster our relationships with all of our adopters ie: monthly calls to check in on everyone, birthday cards, periodical check ins with their vets to ensure the animal is taken care of and endless invitations to our rescue. We consider our adopters to be extended family.

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“I want to thank you for making it possible for my Frankie to get a second chance at a new life.
Without you and your passion for animals my wish to own a dog would have never came true. With much thanks….” 
Nicole, Joe, Giana and Joseph Tortis & Frankie the Yorkie

“On February 15, 2014 we adopted an adorable rescued dog from this organization.
They were very professional, extremely thorough in their screenings and all information we received was correct.
They seemed to care very much about their animals and want to make sure they go to loving homes.
I highly recommend them and am proud to be a pet owner of a rescued dog.”
Sandy Moore

“We feel so blessed and thank you so much!
I know the work you do is so incredibly important. If not for Great Babies Rescue we wouldn’t have our little darling. So thank you again!
Your place was our 3rd try at rescue & 3rd time was the charm! Blessings!”
Joy & Kevin Easton Mom & Dad & FOREVER home to sweet Rosi Grace & handsome boy Pippin (Peregrin Took)

“My fiancé and I first came into contact with Great Babies Rescue in October of 2013, a while after we had lost one of our dogs. We were heartbroken at our loss and wanted to save a life, so a rescue dog was an obvious choice for us.
After hearing about Great Babies Rescue via social media, I called Terry and we set up a time to come visit and meet her rescues. Terry’s passion for her rescue is evident in everything she does.
Every decision that she makes is in the best interest of the rescue and the dogs in the rescue.
If it weren’t for Terry, Piper, along with many of her other rescues wouldn’t have been given the chance they deserve.”
Ceara Burnett

“Great Babies Rescue has become a second family to our family. We love them dearly and wish there were more people in this society like them.”
Jessica Appleby

“We have had “Roscoe” for almost a year now and he is the joy of our lives. He has brought us so much happiness and we are grateful to Terry and Great Babies Rescue for allowing us to adopt him.
Terry is so caring and compassionate about those animals. She cried when we came to get our dog because to her that was like giving one of her own kids up. She is doing a wonderful service for our community.
We are very blessed to have found our dog and we are very grateful to Terry of Great Babies Rescue.”
Jane Ann Carroll Indiana

“Without Great Babies Dog Rescue, my dog would have been put to sleep and I would not have my loving Mr. Killion. Thank God for Great babies Rescue and most of all Terry and her husband for doing what they do…
They go without but the rescues does not. she prays 50 times a day to god to keep the rescue open….and so far the prayers are working…
Thank you so much!”
Tina and Mike Bickett

“Kizzi and miracle have a blast together playing outside and hogging mommy and daddies bed at night, they couldn’t be happier, and thanks to great babies animal rescue, a once shy and nervous dog is now the perfect companion.
I would recommend them to anyone , anywhere , anytime for their next adoption, Terry and Bryan really care for their animals and make sure they go to a good home!”
The Spain Family

“As a longtime supporter, I can without hesitation say that this organization goes above and beyond in their treatment and placement of animals.
Their unwavering dedication to the betterment of animals nationwide through personal sacrifice and hard work makes this organization one of a kind.
It would be hard to find more dedicated, caring individuals and it would be harder to find a more worthy cause.
Dr. John Castanaro, DDS

“I have had the pleasure of with working with Vanessa and seeing the incredible transformations of her fosters. She has put in an extraordinary amount of time dedicated to love, heal and nurture these lucky animals on their way to their forever homes.  Any animal rescued and fostered by her will be very well adjusted, impeccably cared for and loved. She puts her heart and soul into each one. To her they are all special in every way. The world is a far better place with Vanessa in it.”
Gina Antiaris, DVM